How they met


It was after the war
Ohio State had set up GI housing
There was a dance
The lights were low
The music live
They were dancing with their partners
A pause in the music, a silence in the room
They heard each other laugh
In the space of eternity
Dropped their partners
Began dancing with each other
And kept on dancing into their 90s


Artfulblogging…pass the cranyons please.

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One day I stumbled upon a magazine called Artfulblooging, see it at Rather expensive, $14 dollars, I purchased it because a glance at the colors and images inside inspired me. I have read and reread this magazine but it is only recently that I considered applying it to my blog.

The world these days can be a downer, especially in the Northeast during a very gray winter, catastrophes stream across the bottom of the 5 PM CNN report with Wolf Blitzer and my email headlines read: “See who is likely to spoil the White House state dinner.” So much out there that I can do little to impact. So the pretty blogs depicted in Artfulblogging are an escape from one part of the world into another, a beautiful world. I can actually do something in the world of art.

A few weeks ago I decide dto go to the store and buy some of art supplies. I did not spend much and it has been fun to make a few Valentine’s Day cards and design a few creatures and pictures on little pieces of paper. It a relief for the mind. A little line there, a little color here, and a bit of shading there…before you know it something cheerful.

It is hard to pick up the crayons when you really do not have some grand and glorious purpose in mind and have never considered yourself very artistic. My husband recommends, just doing it for you. I thinks he is right and besides I believe there are all kinds of talents in all of us and that the story line should simply be…I feel like doing something relaxing, pass the crayons and have some fun.