The vision thing and Steve Jobs

It is the vision thing…is it me, or have other people noticed the coma we seem to be in? I read a Wall Street Journal article about Steve Jobs and after I finished it, thought, “yes, this guy had a vision.” Not only did he have a vision, but he got buy in. Then, my mind flashed to the little bits of news I saw tonight.

(link to Wall Street Journal article on Jobs.

The Donald was on, I am not really sure what happened to him but he had this white powdery substance around his blood shot eyes and what looked like a brush of makeup on a tan face. He was complaining about Obama and as dour as ever.

Then I flashed to the picture of the Republican wanna bees for President. Apparently Rick Perry’s evangelical minister has now made things a bit more interesting by saying that the Mormon Church is a cult.

The US needs a vision, I know there are people out there with vision, I just can’t figure out where there publicists are? It seems that we know what we don’t want, but that we are void as a nation of what we do want.

I do find it interesting that people refer to Steve Jobs as a secular god and that he was a Zen Buddhist. Maybe its just me, but what can be more elegant and divine than creating user friendly machines that allow human creativity to bloom. Maybe the buddhists are on to something because I see lots of religious people making and using killing machines all the while claiming to serve god.




To the ether

Go in peace to the ether
from which you came
Steve Jobs, as I write w/
my iPhone
we are all
connected in some way
to somethings we can not
perhaps we are simply 1s & 0s
Bouncing around the universe until
a form takes shape that brings
out the fruit that the universe
calls for at just the right time,
in just the right way.

No matter~as Cat Stevens sings:
“The goodbye makes the journey
harder still.”