And the winner is… (by Autumn)

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This is the 2nd post by guest blogger Autumn Tompkins and a follow-up to the Ithaca College Park School documentary, Overlooked:  Autumn’s Job Search.  Photographs are screen shots from the Ithaca College Park School documentary.  The documentary can be found at and the first post by Autumn is directly before this one.


And the winner is…


Not me.

I didn’t win the Business Plan Competition. 
I didn’t pass Go.
I didn’t get $200.

The prize money was a shit-ton more than that. But the point is it isn’t mine.

I would like to thank you for watching my documentary                                                                and leave you with a thought for contemplation.

In life, you will be let down.
In life, you will have regret.
In life, you will lose the competition.

But it’s up to you how to deal with it.

You can be the cake-eating, piñata-breaking center-of-attention 
at your very own pity party. 


You can detonate those giant jaundiced balloons and move on.

Plotting your world domination. One popcorn kernel at a time.
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