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Christmas/Holiday Headlines 2011

Christmas/Holiday Headlines 2011

so this is what happened this year:

1.  I made the best lemon cake for Easter.

2.  Radames expanded his pigeon collection to include flyers.

3.  We went to Cape Cod for vacation, again.

4 .We went to a sold out rock concert, well actually a blues guitar concert.       http://jbonamassa.com/2011/11

5.I turned 50 and no one, not my Mother, my Aunt, my doctor, or older friends told me that the padding on the bottoms of my feet would go:  Ouch.

6.  They tell us their out there, the wild pigs, but we still haven’t seen one.

7.  35 plus blog posts about Time Warner Cable/rural broadband and a meeting with our local head honcho;  still no build out from Time Warner .6 miles up the road.

8.  Three years of promises:  finally saw the New York skyline at night, thank you Radames.

9.  After more than a year, I saw  good friends in March:  one from Greece, one from Uruguay, and one from Sherburne, NY.

10.  Phoebe and Tazz went to find a new trail and we miss them so.




trail...early winter evening
School of Ornithology bird trail