Cocktails: Mad Men’s Legacy

I tune in to MAD MEN and I feel like I am watching childhood  from an adult’s point of view.  I remember the cocktails and the cigarettes that were present in so many places back then…my friend’s father downing a gin and tonic at lunch with no thought.  Last night Don, the  hero, asked his secretary to stop him at 3 drinks.  Drinks he takes from his office bar as soon as he becomes stressed.

It took me years in social work and education to get the addictive relationship between people and alcohol or any drug really.  And this is how I see it after watching LEAVING LAS VEGAS twice and working with people in rehabilitation.

Dear Alcohol:

I can’t find you anywhere and I miss you so.  You are the only one who can soothe my aching soul with the warmth that caresses my insides while I search to numb the pain by finding love from the outside.  I do not know how I will get more of you or at least enough for today.  There are the old beer bottles that sit waiting for redemption.  I will get up and get them now.  ‘Ooh, I can’t quite do it, my stomach seems to bounce up to my throat when I rise.  Maybe later. ‘

It’s later my dear Alcohol.  I just woke up, ok there are enough bottles for return to buy a pint.

The store was busy, I grabbed you as soon as I could and put you under my coat.


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