The miracle of Photoshop


I scanned the photograph above into my computer and then I doctored it up on the right with a camera raw filter and a black and white filter…all of these on Adobe Photoshop.

The photos are of my Grandmother and her friends, Mrs. Spiegel and Mrs. Irvine (sp?).    This was back in the day when a nice evening might be hanging out with friends and a ball of yarn.


imageCollage scanned and filtered in Adobe Photoshop with Poster Filter

the Hampton’s dude & other NY moments

pictures from New York in September

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And the guy who made it possible: Rammyyyyyyy

Ram gorgeous dude IMG_0874



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Drawing Moby

I took an art class
I wanted to draw my Moby
Here he is: cartoon!

The art teacher gave
me a rough time because his
brand of art: realism.


pic Moby