The hour for Mark


Mark riding into the. UU Pit Stop on Sept 8…AIDS RIDE FOR LIFE.

10 AM Sat Sept 22

Mark was the best…in one hour, our First Unitarian Church will say goodbye to him.  I wrote this poem for him because in my sadness, I realized every encounter I had with him over 22 years  represented deliberate sweet kindness.

The Sacred Hour

This is our scared hour

The one right now

Which sits before us

Without all of the yesterdays or nebulous tomorrows:

And what shall we do with this sacred hour?

In the best possible world,

We can work with each other to be kind and pause before our utterances:

To support connection and joy not destruction and hurt?

We can take the skills the great spirit sent us

And Make the world a better place, one interaction, one moment, one hour at a time.