The Last Best Day


That was Easter Sunday

Ram and I made a big ham and brought it to my Mother’s around noon. She was having trouble breathing, her breath kept catching in her throat but she just ignored it, “I’m fine,” she said when I asked her, “Are you ok?”

I know she enjoyed looking at the huge ham we brought down…it was over the range of normal, it could have fed twenty and we were a small group. It was delicious with the thick brown sugar glaze on top.

Kitty, as we called her, and Ram and I hung out after dinner. She said, “Do you have a minute. I just want to show you something, this is the quilt I made that won an award in 1980.” (small section pictured above)

She stood in the dining room and displayed it for us…she was smiling. It is a quilt I had seen before, and a story I had heard before, but I paid particular attention.

And that was the last best moment with my Mother. That is how I can remember her smiling as if she just won the prize, as if there really was something to be proud of in this thing we call life…something we can touch, feel and gaze on and leave for others. As if to say, I know I’m near the end, please don’t forget.


September 10th is my Mother’s birthday…she would have been 87. I want to believe she is somewhere helping others make beautiful quilts.8 4 8 Grandma2