Anne with an E: Netflix

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We are watching the second season of Anne with an E based on Anne of Green Gables.  Never, on such humid summer days, has winter looked so inviting.  The frosted grass in clouds and sun and snow tipped leaves.

The great thing about the Netflix series is that it shows the inevitable hurtles of life and how people help each other through them.  It also shows the resilience of a soul.  Anne had been badly abused in an orphanage but she finds her way to people who love her and she hopes…she hopes to see the absolute wonders of life and celebrate them daily.

If you read my blog, you will note that this year has been one of incredible sadness.  My dear dear friend Joe passed on October 26 2017 and my mother died on July 13.  My Mother’s death a striking blow as it is truly the end of an era for my husband and I. We enjoyed our visits with her, her stories of growing up, and her constant comment tea.  We also enjoyed the occasions when we would meet up with my siblings at her place.

But channelling Anne with an E,”isn’t it just wonderful to be alive today and safe and look out at this big tree from my balcony.”

And isn’t it cool that this Quaking Aspen was nurtured over 40 years into it’s current height by my husband.  I am going out to pick tomatoes now…John McCain said be grateful for each hour.  That is my intention today!