Puddles of Color

lilacsab 2018

This is a photograph I took the other night, outside.  The colors this year are hitting me like fireworks.  Probably because I looked out and saw grey and brown for so long.  What also strikes me is how fleeting the whole spring is…these beautiful colors only last a few days.  One night last week I walked around the place, the place that my husband has nurtured for 40 years and I wanted to take the most magnificent picture of every single flowering tree.  I wanted to hold the trees and their brilliance forever.

As I started shooting with my newish camera, I realized that even if I could capture the over 20 colorful flowering trees in a one-hour photo shoot, my learning curve with the camera is slow and it takes many photos to get a good shot.

So the next night, I decided, I can’t own this beauty, I can’t hold it except in my eye and my mind, for more than a moment, and I took a walk without the camera.  I counted the trees to keep me focused… I looked at their changes, and I thought about how much work and love goes into a place like this.  Every year, placing a fence around each tree so it won’t be eaten alive by winter critters.  Fertilizing the trees, cutting a little bit off here and a little bit there when needed, mowing around them, saving them when a visiting gardener thought the shoot was a weed and should be yanked out.

A place like this, with many moments, many times, of nature’s beauty, can not be bought, it has to be created by love.  Similar to most things of value in this world.





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