The Carnival of Dysfunction…inspired by politics



The Carnival of Dysfunction

Step right up
And hop on the Merry-Go-Round
Pick a horse, any horse
Round and round ~ the carousel’s bright lights
And magical ponies
Stationary, never changing, round and round it goes
From above the joker laughs at us all
The great engineer: knowing all, caring none

Step down; proceed to the house of mirrors
Look in and laugh
You are fat, you are thin, you are fat and thin
Reflections abound
Created to mock you
Take away your soul with illusion

Shoot the basket, five dollars for three tries, win a prize?
Rigged, contrived, set up
Beyond your control, in the dark of night
With trickery passed down
One generation to the next
Fooling you in silence
You can never win

Sideshow…the alligator man
The fattest woman ever
Mocking them
All the world’s a stage
Their role transparent
Yours hidden under subconscious guise
Puppet on a string

The next circus comes to town
The horses are all purple
You pay admission, buy your ticket: the same Merry-Go-Round.




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