Fifth Avenue to get Center-Line Rumble Strip

Just Kidding…but, it is a thought I have had many times since the installation of our center -line rumble strip in September 2014.  Imagine  a Center-Line Rumble Strip placed on Fifth Avenue in New York City by a government agency.  The citizens would not tolerate it and their voices would not be muffled by an administrator.

Here is an article, N.J. family’s rumble strip complaint falls on deaf ears, which sums up the response I received about the rumble strip 50 feet from the front of our house.  The family struggling with a noisy rumble strip on a curve , was told

“The installation of rumble strips on a portion of Route 29 is part of systematic attempt to increase road safety for motorists through the reduction of head to head and opposite direction side swipe collisions,” Department of Transportation spokesman Stephen Shapiro said Thursday.

I wonder:

How did our democracy, government for the people by the people, get to a point where authorities can just place a center-line rumble strip in front of your house without notifying you or considering the inconsistent, jarring  noise it makes when a vast number of drivers ignore it and drive right over it?

Stay tuned…


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