Meet the Center-Line Rumble Strip

In early September 2014, I drove out of my driveway to the ExtraMart, three miles up the road, to Skype with an online class: my Internet connection died at home.  That is when I saw a huge, yellow road repair machine  coming toward me.

I, thought, Wow, wonder what that is for? and went to the store parking lot to Skype.  A day later, I noticed a loud obnoxious noise coming from the road into my serene little world.  Unlike the calm swoosh of traffic that barrels down our road, this noise is a jagged saw that cuts randomly through the swoosh. 

It is over a year later, and the passing of vehicles over the rumble strip woke me three times last night.   I have decided to take up a short-term rumble strip investigation.  

I called the proper authorities last year and was told, something to the affect:  “The Governor put this in; you aren’t going to get it removed.”

I reflected on what would happen if the Governor decided to put one of these down Park Avenue, would he then not be questioned.  And why weren’t we consulted about the rumble strip?  And is it true, it can’t be removed?  

Ironically, before this menace arrived, I had read about a gas line being potentially installed on a road nearby.  I was relieved I didn’t have to worry about all the noise that construction would create and so glad I didn’t live on that road. Little did I know that the Center-Line Rumble Strip lay in wait for me, just a few months away?

Here is a link to a Rumble Strip complaint and noise that mimics my situation:

Video:  Rumble Strips Battle

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