the empire state building at night


In 2008, a lovely friend said to me…”Have you been to the Empire State building at night?”

“Well no,” I said. He replied, “That is a must see.”He went on to describe the magic of looking out from the perch into the city.

Beginning then, I put it on my informal bucket list and started bugging my husband: let’s go. His usual reply, sigh, “ok, but I hate the city. ” He lived there for years.

We have been to the area at least once a year since 2008, but my desire for all things NY City stays safely nestled on the other side of the bridge in Jersey. By self-admission…we are lazy travellers…we like to go but we like comfort more: the extra effort to cross the GW Bridge, park, and logistically get to places, when immersed in laughter while visiting his family, just seems like too much work for Ram and I.

Flash forward: summer 2015. The most beautiful picture of NY City pops up on my FB screen…it is at night with lights glistening, from the Empire State Building. Who took this, I wonder? It is my brother Bill’s handiwork:  I tell Ram, “oh cool, ” he says.  I sigh:  “See we should go.”  “Yep,” the flat response.

It is now Christmas and we are visiting with my brother and his family. I ask about the picture. I had envisioned the family trooping up at midnight to the top of the Empire State Building. Bill said no, he couldn’t find any recruits. He described his journey and I thought of how fun it is sometimes just to go by yourself on a little adventure to somewhere you haven’t been before, to see things in a new light.

“To really get the good view you need to go to the 86th floor,”said Bill.

As he concluded his story, my husband leaned forward in his chair and with conviction, 7 years after my first request to take that elevator ride into the city sky, said : “We have to go!”