A most beautiful Blackberry Farm

walking near apple trees
walking near apple trees

Years ago now, I dreamed of having a farm retreat and calling it Blackberry Farm.  This was before 2008 and the crash that has seemed to divide us into extremes…the 1 percent and the rest of us.  We had blackberry paths that were exposed to the sun and you could, at the time, circa 2002, pick many pints.  We still have those paths, but they are now shaded with a canopy of hardwoods growing over the last 13 years.

In the middle of the last decade I found that my dream had been realized in Tennessee and  Blackberry Farm, a retreat to the countryside.   I saw it in Country Living, I was impressed.  I have since liked their Facebook page and follow their growth.  It looks heavenly and way out of my tax bracket. I have decided you have to have two things, or at least one of them, to make this kind of dream come true:  stamina to do the work yourself, or money to get it done, or a combination of both.

Yesterday, I made a harvest dinner for my husband, a friend, and myself…Smitten Kitchen apple cake with apples from one of our old, happy, non-pruned trees; linguine with home-grown eggplant and pepper sauce, and salad with the last beef steak tomato of the season. It was delicious but in preparing all this, in-between playing roll-the-tire with the dogs and mopping our rental, I realized how far away my dream of blackberry farm is from reality.  I was raised in the suburbs, we had a cleaning lady, and I thought apples could be picked during any one of the warm months.  The little things I do here are really all I have the inclination and stamina to do.

I wish I had the stamina, or could win the lottery, to create this blackberry farm.  But I think if I did, I’d give the other 99 percent a chance to enjoy it once in awhile.  Maybe the occasional $99  night.  But then, the difference between the reality of country living. and the illusion, might shrink.