The land of What?

These days I’m always hearing What?

The other day, at the nursing home… my aunt and I waited patiently in her room for one of her appointments. I was tired and not saying much…every once in a while she’d asked me a question: “How is your pal Stefani?”

“Oh good,” I replied.

And then it started…”What, What? I can’t hear you.”
“She is good,” I replied, again.

A few minutes later, she asked the same question and we went through the same scenario.
Finally, I said, “maybe you should get a hearing aid?”

“What, at my age?” she is 91, “there is nothing wrong with my hearing.”

Last week, we went to dinner with my Mother…granted we were in a corner, near a speaker belting out Frank Sinatra, but I asked her to sit next to me to minimize the whats. She still couldn’t hear me…the what’s ensued. I’ve asked her about getting a hearing aid, she scoffs and says,  “What?”

This am, my husband said to me…”What time are we leaving?” I replied, “oh about 10.”
“What,” he asked. “What time are we leaving?”
“10”…I said again.  “When are you getting your hearing aid?”

“What, I don’t need a hearing aid!”


koi pond

koi pond
koi pond


A beginning waits
For someone to enter thru
This beautiful door!

Door at Elmira College


Born at the time of the pink petaled peonies…screaming into the world as the scent permeated the air…to be born amid the red poppies and bright white mock orange, it’s orange scented center a baptism into heaven’s creatures on earth. Its forest green leaves beckoning exploration into the mysterious woods of life.

Drawing Moby

I took an art class
I wanted to draw my Moby
Here he is: cartoon!

The art teacher gave
me a rough time because his
brand of art: realism.


pic Moby