Mad Men Epilogue

at  my brother Bill’s suggestion, this is the best I can do without my copywriters

Don Draper went back to advertising a new man and used his transformation to pull humanity together.He created the COKE commercial and went home to NY where he always wanted to live. Proceeds from his company support: Meditate your way to a better life.

Joan and Don later married and combined their families. “Uncle Roger” still visits when he is not in Paris or Montreal.

Betty had a miraculous recovery and continued her psychology studies, she was last seen getting into a limo to cohost the Dr. Phil show.

Mr. Frances went on to be governor of NY changing his name to Cuomo to win the Italian vote.

Megan Draper drifted off into the LA sunset and is scheduled to appear on an infomercial next Sunday selling frozen French meals like the dinner she often made for Don:poulet au vin.

Pete and his wife lived happily ever after in Kansas, later joined by their second child and Tammy’s sister, Dorothy.

Sally joined the peace corps after college graduation and started smiling: she followed in her mother’s footsteps and helped Glenn after his return from the war.

Bobby and Gene Drapper grew up, studied medicine, and became advertising executives. They now attend Burning Man every year.

Peggy and her husband lived happily ever after, until one day, in their 80s, they died.

Burt Copper comes back every Christmas time to remind us all that things do get better if only we believe.

The over 45 audience exits off stage, pours themselves a Manhattan for old times sake, and says, There goes an end of an era, twice.

copyright claireaperez