It is really lovely here, but it is also messy

In 2008, I thought it might be fun to write a blog.  I did not get around to it until 2009. I found this tonight on my computer.

My old homeland is the suburbs and if you live in the suburbs, or have lived in the suburbs, you can just imagine how discombobulating all this country life can seem to a born suburbanite.  But as I look back, I have to say that I’ve learned a lot about the cycle of nature and processing bio-mass here.

photograph of our Boxer Phoebe among the daisies
Phoebe among the daisies

Blogging~this is what

Tazz & Honey Bunny
cats 2006

I would have posted in September 2008.

September 4, 2008

Below are the peaches that have fallen from the tree. The peach tree stands next to our house and this is the 2nd year in a row it produced. I picked several and sent my husband off to work with 5 containers, I will also take five this afternoon.

When I look at the peaches, I feel duty and obligation: duty to clear them out and obligation to use them for something good: donate the ones that are edible, pick the beauties still on the tree and freeze them. These are tough times; the earth has been good to us, and wasting the peaches seems a sacrilege.


The picture above is of my cats, Tazz and Honey Bunny. They are often in the basement under a heated light because Tazz’s age led him to incontinence. Tazz doesn’t know it yet, but he needs a flea treatment. His bedding is airing outside. I went downstairs with the big ol’ shop vac to begin the flea fleecing and one minute into the procedure, the lights and vac went dead. This morning the fleas were going to be gone for good.

The procedure includes vacuuming up all the remnants of the pine shavings (sustainable kitty litter), numerous cobwebs that have accumulated since Christmas 2004, or whenever it was I vacuumed last, and a lot of random dirt…hoping to start with a clean, dry slate. When the lights went dead, I retrieved my reading glasses and a flashlight, opened the electric box and began switching away to no avail. There is other work to be done, no use wasting precious time on this endeavor.  I’ll just leave it for Ram;-)

I think that is when I really saw the peaches by the basement door calling me. The next job also called, dumping the kitty litter. Back when I lived in suburbia, I just bagged it up and sent it on its way. Too expensive here, weekly I clean out the kitty litter boxes and take a garden cart full of “crap” down to our own little recycle area. We use the pine shavings to help shore up a pond so at least we do not waste plastic and landfill space.

The picture on top is of Phoebe. A little boxer, large in size. She is the tenderest of our animals, naïve, does not really know about evil in the world, and just laps up the love. She is hopin’ and a prayin’ I’m going to take her out with me so she can finish the Gradew left by the neighbor’s dog in the yard, sampling it earlier wet her appetite.

So that is my life in the country today. Not quite as it is pictured in the glossy mags except for one thing. It is soothing here. I look straight a head at a wind that gently rocks orange and yellow sunflowers, a white butter moth flits around, and in the distance a pond, a body of water surrounded by trees, still in this moment, listening to the sustained late summer sounds.


Note:  November 2014, RIP Phoebe and Tazz