Rural Broadband…Free book and why it matters to net neutrality

Book promotion is no easy task…so here is a sample of a letter I wrote folks on LinkedIn…I paid for 30 InMails which I have to use up by the end of the month.  It was one of

those free trials when you think you will cancel it by the time they ding you for $68.00 twice.  In addition, my book goes off KDP select on Friday, so I thought I might as well offer it free

today through Thursday.  So here is the promo letter which at the end answers the question:  Why my book matters:

Hello:  I am a Roy H. Park School of Communications graduate and I want to bring your attention to my e-book, My Rural Broadband Journey, which is free on Amazon Kindle through Thursday, October 30, 2014.

What is My Rural Broadband Journey?

In 2011, I asked the question: Why can’t I get connected to broadband when it is only .6 miles away? I then wrote a blog chronicling the answers. I assembled that blog into this book.


I prepared 45 blog posts in one year. I used research from the Internet (cited at the end of the book),

and I attended six public meetings about the rural broadband issue. I also reported on the following:

• 11 conversations with our local fortune 500 high-speed provider and 11 conversations with our neighbors
• 4 conversations with the New York State Public Service Commission
• 3 conversations with local media reporters
• 1 conversation with the FCC and 1 conversation with the BBC

Why it matters?

This book illustrates the conflict between the individual citizen and the powerful ISP monopoly.

Despite government policies and local franchise agreements that supported a connection, I never received a wired broadband connection.

I did, however, receive access to a wireless broadband connection thanks to the work of the Tompkins Legislature’s Committee on Broadband.

I think this book can provide story ideas for the media as the US explores the net neutrality issue. Click here for your free read:
Citizen Pens Memoir