The Smitten Kitchen Moms Apple Cake

This is a delicious cake…it takes awhile to bake, 1.5 hours, but it is loaded with apples and delicious.IMG_0800.PNG

I pulled the recipe off the web at:”>


I’m Moby and this is what I do

Hi I'm Moby, the one with the face tilted, my day goes like this..
Moby looking quizzical_o
Moby and Macadew









I get up

I look at my food, walk away and sit in front of Radames

I wait, I wait, I stare…ok, he ain’t going to pat me, I will see about that…I hit him with my right paw til I get action…LOVE.

Claire comes down, repeat, but oh, Radames is leaving…well I think he is, I eye the door, maybe he isn’t, eye the door, nope he is.

I paw Claire; harder and then my ascent begins until I’m almost on her lap and she is reaching for that squirt bottle.

Next…walk or nap or go outside?

I like it outside…I do my business and then I sit and I look, its a wonderful world…the cars go over the rumble bump,

the neighbors pull in the driveway, the squirrel runs across the path.  It smells so good near the phlox.

Patrol time comes next, in the house now, I follow who ever is roaming around…sometimes Claire, mostly its Macadew, my brother, the pack leader.

He likes to stare at squirrels: this gets boring;

so I look out the window…I hop up on my little stool, put my head on the sill and stare out…I watch Radames gazing into his coi poind and the butterflies eating the nectar in the dahlias.

By now its noon time and nap time…back room, sunny spot, old rug —  I’m good to go until 3 and my 2nd little meal.

Then they eat, they putter in the kitchen, I like to hang out and watch…waiting for the little scraps that may fall from the chopping block;

usually I get tired of sitting, so I lay down.

If they try to squeeze by me, I just lie, they try to open up the frig, I’m motionless, they tell me to move, I don’t.

Sitting, resting supine, is great… people out there: running here, running there when wherever you go, there it is

the big, wide, wonderful world, right where you are.

There is more to say, but its late, time to go sleepy time…one biscuit and a big old chair with a white blanket…I’m on my way.

Moby sitting
Moby next to Macadew

Bee balm and Facebook in the mist

bee balm unedited
bee balm unedited

I took this photograph in the summer, surrounded by bee balm

today I tried to make something of it that represents how Facebook can feel

to me

lovely in its color, but distorted, liquified, watered down

not quite true, as if all the world really existed like it does on Facebook

and then of course, ephemeral,

gone, like the bee balm with nothing to show

except that moment of excitement with a liked post, a beautiful pic of family,

a message from a friend thousands of miles away


the parties I have not been invited to

or weddings I could not attend due to whatever

and all the delicious recipes I don’t have time to make

…this is my reminder to turn the volume down Facebook, to call a friend, have a party, and bake.


Beebalm 2014
Beebalm 2014

My Rural Broadband Journey

a great cartoon to go with my book review, thanks to the Net Economy

the Net economy


My Rural Broadband Journey: the one year trail to high-speed, Author: Claire Perez.

By Claire Perez – I wrote a blog about my quest for rural broadband and it is now a book.

I live ten miles from Cornell University and .6 miles from a wired connection to high-speed.  In 2011, wanting to utilize my recent Communications degree from the Park School at Ithaca College, I realized I was doomed without high-speed Internet.

I decided that I would drill down and find out what stood between our home and that wired connection, .6 miles down the road.  I thought a blog would be a good vehicle for recording my findings.

I began locally:  what did our local cable company really mean by a “survey to see how much we would have to pay for a connection? what was the franchise agreement with our local government? and…

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