Holiday cards and snow

as I write this my very restless husband is signaling that he wants us to get into the car and go source out two barrels for him for his spring project, a coi pond.  We are having a peaceful holiday season so far and I am grateful.  I feel for those who are not because I have had many a sad holiday and, as I mentioned a few blogs ago, the holidays can be an exaggerated dagger in the heart that is sore.

Here are a few pictures from a peaceful week…

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Cold is beautiful somedays

Cold is beautiful somedays

Cold is Beautiful somedays

Lilies in December there be anything as pretty as looking at the lilies in December…resting Asiatic bulbs under the semi-crusted earth waiting for next year.
Below is another picture of the lilies showing off their  blooms.  Summers ribbon candy, a digital image to brighten the day.