Dracula stood pacing at the gate…reblog for Halloween 2013

Dracula stood pacing at the gate…

“My friend, my friend, you have arrived so late!”

“So sorry, so sorry, please do forgive.                                                                            Now what is it you want, so I can live?”

                                                                                                                                                                 “Please, oh please, more blood, more blood, yours so fine:                                                             Loving, intoxicating, like a Merlot wine.”

“In return, my dear Dracula,                                                                                                    what will you have for me                                                                                                 where is my reward  promised in the hours so wee?”


 “The reward, your reward are nuggets of gold,                                                                       those heartfelt words I occasionally unfold.”                                                                             The nuggets of gold, the spices of life,                                                                                         the times when I help you in strife                                                                                                 that is your reward for giving me life.”

“Dear Dracula, Dracula                                                                                                                

that is not enough.                                                                                                                          

I know your thirst, I know your hunger pain,                                                                  

I wish I could help with my heart and my vein.”                                                          

“But the clock is a ticking, ticktock it calls,                                                                      my time so precious; I can hear the footfalls.”

“So Dracula, Dracula                                                                                                                             Adieu, my dear friend                                                                                                                        I bid you a source of blood so sweet,                                                                                                  your ravenous hunger, it will finally deplete.”


Dracula can be a metaphor for anything, bounded or unbounded, that sucks our life blood from us. 

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  1. I had contacted you last year about your troubles getting Time Warner Cable to install cable in your rural area. I just wanted to tell you that I got a new quote down from 14000.00 to 2400.00 for my cable and the man specifically told me it was 392 per house for 6 houses and that it would be 2352.00. I said I wanted it installed and that this was definitely the price that would not change when the phone was hung up and he said yes I had that guaranteed price for 90 days. Within 4 hours I had another call stating they would be out to check the poles and then trying to tell me that it is most likely 2400 per home and the other was an error. I am not sure if they tape their calls, but I am going to really raise a ruckus if they change the price. Wanted to know your thoughts and what would you do in my situation?

    What do you think about this development and did you ever get cable in your area for internet?

      Stella M Jenkins, BSN, RN, ONC, CMSRN


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