Ode To Bucky Goad

Bullied and believing that some kindness still exists, a different kind of courage and a beautiful bittersweet remembrance. It is good to have a witness.

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My oldest brother was twenty-five when he had the life stabbed out of him, but I was only eight. I’ve always known that he was murdered in Paris in 1969. What I didn’t learn until recently was that his whole life was only a dress rehearsal for that ugly final act.

My other brother Johnny, who’s thirteen years older than me and knew my oldest brother far better than I did, has helped me fill in a lot of the blank, bleak details.

Dad met mom at a USO Dance in Philly, accidentally knocked her up, and was in Europe fighting the Nazis when informed that he’d gotten her pregnant. Their first baby was born out of wedlock.

His legal name was Alton Howard Goad, Jr., but all we ever called him was Bucky.

Bucky was different from 99 percent of us because he couldn’t hear or talk. My mother…

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We think yoga is a very, very good idea

A friend of mine and I think yoga is a good idea

I think I’ll try yoga I said to him 4 years ago
Good idea, do yoga

Another friend called me up in 2008
I think I’ll become a yoga teacher
Good idea, I said
She teaches yoga classes a few hours from me
It’s 2013, I still haven’t done yoga.

But hey me and my friend, we still think it is a great idea
He dated a yoga teacher, he didn’t tell me much about her
But he said afterwards he told his brother,
“hey bro, you might want to try yoga”

The brother didn’t like this idea
it led to, well, a non-yoga reaction
“Yoga, WTF bro”

I recently suggested yoga to a relative I haven’t heard from sinse

Neither my friend nor I are doing yoga
But we found a taker, his friend came to visit him
And after reading a few books I sent him, Buddhism and the like,
She left, declaring as her plane took off

“I’m going back home to be a yoga teacher”

We concluded, my friend and I, that yoga is a really good idea
But we live by nature
Me in the countryside, him by the sea, so we don’t need yoga

But we think yoga is a very, very good idea.

picture of Macadew, Yoga is a good idea?
Yoga? Yoga? A good idea?
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Ithaca, Tompkins County Friday Shout Out: the Circus Garage Sale & Theatre Equipment

In the garage sale section of Criags, you will find an advertisement for a sale on Saturday, August 10, on Caswell Road.  If you need props for parties, theater productions, or school activities, I suggest checking it out. We went last week and saw potential for a whole lot of magic to be spread throughout the land.

At the time a church minister was selecting many items for his work.  I thought this might be a good shout out for Tompkins County non profits.  Prices are very reasonable!


The flying fickle finger of fate


This poem is for my husband … Radames. He often says the title as we walk this journey of life together watching nature unfold and observing the world around us. We try to control the world around us, but in truth, no matter how many precautions we take, there is always the flying fickle finger of fate. The key is to appreciate the day and burn endlessly a vision of hope.

The flying fickle finger of fate

One cell a way from cancer
One second away from a car crash
One twist away from a broken bone
One inch away from a sociopath
One email away from a terrorist
One background check away from a shooter
One blueberry away from healing
One cellphone away from distraction
One deliberate step away from a fall
One question away from insanity
One update away from chaos
One law away from a bullet.

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