garden photos and the dog chronicles

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I am having fun with a new camera, it beats the iPhone 3G.

Macadew and Moby photo..We got the love part down, it's just the training....
We got the love part down, it’s just the training…

The doggies, the ones I  mention  frequently, take our minds off the news, which we can not control,  and other things, which we can not control.

Moby and Macadew…today’s entry:

Moby was put out because when the two were presented with dog bones,  Macadew put  Moby’s bone in his mouth and tore past me and Moby.  I decided Moby had to be protected so I brought both dogs inside and gave them each one bone in their  crates.  Well Macadew just gnawed away for the 1/2 hour or so.   Mobs just lay in his little crate, despondent, bone at the far end.

He is a social critter.  Only when Moby  got out of his cage did he proceed to chomp away. He was protected from Macadew by my husband who simply says, Ut oh to get compliance out of Macadew.


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    1. it is a small canon,,,since blogging began in 2009! I have used my iPhone, the general pic is usually good with the iPhone but the details are so so.


    1. Thank you Rima, I never was a big lily fan until I went to a day lily garden sale! Unbelievable numbers of species. I bought this yellow one in 2007 and as you can see, it was a good investment.

      I hope I see you soon.


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