Waiting for the Red-winged Blackbird

photo feb 26
porch light in tapestry form

when I met my husband he introduced me to the Red-winged Blackbird, I was enchanted. I made it to my mid-thirties without ever having seen one. But, the truth is I probably saw many of them because one mid-May day we visited my parent’s home and I noted in the neighbor’s lot, a red-winged black bird. They were here all along, I guessed, I just never saw them.

Now it is February 25, 2013 and we are waiting for their March 7 arrival. They are the first bird I look for in the spring and I never really notice when they leave, just one fall day, I note they are gone.

It is fun to watch them fly into and out of cattails. I must take the time to sit and watch them more this spring, it has been such a long winter.

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