Waiting for the Red-winged Blackbird

photo feb 26
porch light in tapestry form

when I met my husband he introduced me to the Red-winged Blackbird, I was enchanted. I made it to my mid-thirties without ever having seen one. But, the truth is I probably saw many of them because one mid-May day we visited my parent’s home and I noted in the neighbor’s lot, a red-winged black bird. They were here all along, I guessed, I just never saw them.

Now it is February 25, 2013 and we are waiting for their March 7 arrival. They are the first bird I look for in the spring and I never really notice when they leave, just one fall day, I note they are gone.

It is fun to watch them fly into and out of cattails. I must take the time to sit and watch them more this spring, it has been such a long winter.


#HouseOfCards ~ Got It ~ commentary in a poem

Got It

we must keep our wits about us
to see the enemy on the monochromatic page

he smiles like friends
extends grace just like friends.
how to pick the evil, know the evil,
masquerading as kindness?
You must at least know you are in a game
to play the game,
sad to be in the game & not know it,
to believe the shadow, follow blindly,
act the part, pulled, prodded by the invisible strings.
A marionette that dances through the scenes
until one day, no warning,
pulled from the stage,
nothing but
a pawn in a perpetual chess game.