This is what you do in the country when there is a snow storm coming…

looking toward home
looking toward home from a suburb

first, let me say, that I am from a land far, far away…suburbia and my parents hired people to do almost everything involved with home maintenance.

Today we are getting ready for a big snow storm and I think it is really going to hit.  My husband went to the barn and loaded his plow on  the back of the tractor.  Then he went out to the wood shed and piled the wood into the blue bin and led it by orange sleigh into the kitchen.  It  will heat this old 1850s farm-house no matter what power outage comes our way. Ironically, since it surrounds us and our well is full, we also drove down to the store to get bottled water because we will run out in a day or two.

The cars are whizzing by now, probably people trying to get home before the snow starts cascading down at 2 inches per hour.  It really isn’t that big a deal compared to the suburbs, but I never could have imagined that I would really live out here  with a rugged individualist, back in my suburban days.  As an aside, a dear friend of my husband’s called and left a message:

Not sure you guys are watching the news, but you better stock up, there is a big storm coming and you  won’t be able to get out for a day or two.

We kind of chuckled but thought it sweet he thinks of us, out here, way out here, in the country.

wood in kitchen
wood in kitchen


  1. My tenants did a small part of the driveway and I did another small part, plus my whole walk. My arrangement with the rental agent is that his man is supposed to shovel my driveway. We’ll see. My snow story isn’t as interesting as yours, except that I did steal/borrow the next door neighbor’s shovel.


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