I think that I would rath…

Arthur Baker Miami horseshoes 1942

Poem by Arthur W. Baker, circa 1942, Miami Florida

I think that I would rather die

Than lose the sight of my other eye
Oh, terrible thought Oh! what would I do
If I well not be able to pitch the horse shoe

One eye is gone, but still I can see
for the good Lord, had once given two eyes to me
and as long as it’s only one that’s bereft
I’m thankful indeed, for the one that is left

So cheer up, and don’t let yourself down
For I still can find  my way around town
And as long as I have a good arm and leg
I think I’ll be able, to still find the peg

And as long as I still am awake
The game of horseshoes and stake
with busted bubble and all my troubles
I still hope to pitch a lots lot of doubles

So this is the story of Bake
Half blind but still sees the stake
with five gritty fingers
he still throws the ringers
all comer’s he’s willing to take.

my notes;  Today, I set up at a local flea market.  I basically took things I had tried to sell two years ago at a rummage sale.  I had so much success with my first rummage sale 30 years ago that I haven’t given up hope that it could all happen again.  I could sell everything and make a $100.  Today I sold next to nothing and made $22 minus the $10 set up fee.  Don’t give up your day job.

I enjoy rummage…not so much for the actual purchases I make, but for all the possibilities.  I see things people have created then and now and I think how wondrous the human mind is to  take materials and design things useful or fun.

In the course of my preparing for today’s rummage, I went through some old photographs. They were passed on to my Aunt from Great Uncle Joe who died in the 1960s.  When I came across this picture and poem it occurred to me that this  photo and poem bears witness to the fact that Arthur W Baker lived.  Like many of the things I saw at the flea market, a point in time and something that remains of the day.



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