Post from Phoebe…written 1/11/2012, retrieved today…

Now that Spring is here, our puppies have grown big…much bigger than the little Macadew in the header. I found this post from Phoebe, our boxer who died suddenly, with no warning, in November. We really miss that gentle giant…

Dear Macadew and Moby:

So you are who I picked to take care of them. I just couldn’t watch them look so sad, it being the holidays and all. They’d open the door and look for me and well, you know. Then in the morning Ram had no one to talk to, I knew I had to do something when I heard him saying Man Doga to himself and trying to whistle to classical music at 6:30am. He is a lot of fun to be around,

photograph of our Boxer Phoebe among the daisies
Phoebe 2011 among the daisies

you’ll see. His bark is much worse than his bite, metaphor of course, he doesn’t bite. The initial training is rough, I see he even got Claire into it…he was complete Alpha when I grew up. Claire is a marshmallow when it comes to pups, but it’s him that’s really going to teach you how to be disciplined so you can be loved and loved. I miss him a lot, Claire and I spent a lot of walk time together, but let me tell you, when the last hour came, guess who was with me. I miss him so and you are going to have the time of your life…so let the drum beats roll.

A few tips:

you are going to see more cooked egg yolks in your first year than you thought possible on the planet. Don’t feel obligated to eat them all.

If you are going to break into the paper garbage to retrieve a sub wrapper, try not to spill all the other papers out, they are not too much into that mess.

Its cold in the back room, puppy train early so you can cuddle up by the stove all night.

They like yoga…lay flat on your back, feet straight up in the air, and you will get some good tummy rubs. I see you are already getting the hang of this Moby.

Now, listen. I picked you because your Mom’s name was Pippa (the name of a famous young Miss in Britain) and because she was so sweet!! I saw you sitting in your cube that day at the SPCA and thought I hope they get there by 12 to check you out, sure enough, almost to the nose. At first it looked like it was just going to be you, Moby, but Claire really wanted two and when Ram said “oh the brindle is pretty,” well, I just had to engineer things in that direction.

Not many humanoids in favor of you being adopted together, but I guess Claire and Ram calculate that with all the other crazy things happening in the world: bombs exploding on people’s backs, nuclear power plant explosions, earthquakes, and well, fracking, shucks, what’s wrong with two people who love animals and nature and are disciplined, giving two sweet little pups a home, or at least a try for one.

Plus they are reading a lot and asking many questions which can really help. You be good boys, mind your manners.

Oh and I’ll be watching from my new mission, too dangerous to disclose, but I’m closer than you think.

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