a blueberry pancake, a parking lot, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, and The Target Store

This is what happened. Me and Jonathan Livingston Seagull was just about to eat a blueberry pancake in the parking lot at the mall. Two women in separate cars came driving right toward us. I wanted to scoop the pancake up in my beak and bring it to my buddies, squawking over head. I just couldn’t get it situated right in my beak and the darn thing fell to the ground as me and Jonathan were lifting off to avoid the two women rushing to the Target.

It was kind of sad what happened next, the little car drove right over that delicious pancake. Smashed it to bits. We went back after the damage was done but could only retrieve a few of the blueberries.

Hey, I know you probably look at us like a nuisance when you are aiming for the red dot, so focused, driving yourselves into oblivion. But can’t you remember ladies, we gots to eat too. And it is so rare we dig up a blueberry pancake in the parking lot, couldn’t you have just slowed down a second or two for us to get a good grip.

as told to me by my husband who would have written it differently: consumers on their way to consume disregard for hungry gulls.


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  1. Aww Claire! I love this!! It’s such a beautiful little story – I guess it just resonates with me cuz I often wonder what goes on in their heads! You made me laugh and that’s good for me considering I haven’t had the best morning! I also love the new layout! xoxoxo


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