Women & History: My favorite words of wisdom from women I have known

Women & my favorite quotes
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When I looked around the room, everyone would say why we could not do a particular thing,I always suggested how we could do it…from a very successful businesswoman.

 ♥What is wrong with just operating in your own little sphere of influence?;   ♥It is too bad, but an individual must move on;   ♥What can I tell you, there is no accounting for people…from the mother of a dear friend.

 ♥ No surgery, but I intend to stay current until I die, reading the Sunday Times, et al. … from a 91-year-old woman after her best friend died and she, herself, was diagnosed with heart failure.

 Unitarian Universalism & Therapy: those are the only two things I push on people.;      ♥Gee, when I was growing up, a good Sunday was one in which you had a nice dinner and read the New York Times all day… from a dear friend of my husbands and mine, and the best friend referred to above

Life is short, don’t waste your breath… from a friend I taught with for 10 years, after some crazy incident at the school.

Stay home, I wish I had taken more sick days…  from the same friend’s mother (and a hard worker).

Every day I make a list of 3 goals for home and 3 for work…  from the school librarian before I got married.

 ♥Learn to say No.; Incompetency will follow you where ever you… from our commencement speaker at SUNY Geneseo, Class of 1983.

 How to stop talking when you can’t stop talking… from a friend, on lines of wisdom for women, in a book we may someday write.

 Yep, the Lord he work in mysterious ways from a nurse’s aid as she pushed the gurney of a loved one to urgent sudden surgery.






  1. Thanks Kathy,

    I bet your Mom has a lot of good information in conversations. I read the Times online and once in great while, buy it. I use to get it everyday for something like 50 cents a day when I was a high school teacher.


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