The day I saw Moby


Moby & Macadew....puppies
puppies are looking up

there he was, sitting behind the glass with his 2 brothers.  He was wearing a red collar and my husband, a very observant man, said…”he is the one, look how alert he is?”  36 hours later he said, after we first arrived home with Moby and his brother, Macadew, that “maybe the little black dog will have to go, he is very hyper.”  The dog, Moby, is fine, we were just tired.

Since bringing him home, Mody has been a joy to watch.  A little puppy, he will suddenly stop and sit upright and just slowly move his head left and right scanning the scene.  He sits regally in his red collar and once in a while tips his head back and his nose up to smell.  I like his attitude, calm, observant, not much commentary (barking ) unless something unusual hits an eardrum.

I chuckle  when they, Moby and Macadew, look out at the back yard. It’s all new and wondrous to them and in our anthropomorphic minds, we hear them saying:  Wow, someday soon, all this running space will be ours, chasing rabbits, lying under the trees on a sunny day.

We think of Phoebe often, our beautiful boxer , who died too young.  A cause never ascertained, I have managed with the help of  friends to see that dogs will be dogs and we can’t protect them from all the forces that face them, just like people.

But what I’m learning now is that a  good healthy day, is a good healthy day, sit quietly and watch and be grateful.



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