These are a few of my favorite photos after 90 blog posts

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This was a fun post to do. I decided that since cumulatively I have 90 blog posts since May 2010, I should upload some of my favorite photos. These photos are my favorites because they either remind me of something, like my good hair days in the self-portrait, or are attached to something that has meaning for me, such as, the photo of our table. I set this for company in the middle of a cold January 2011 and then used it for one of my favorite blogs, one about the lost art of lunch ( I decided also to put a new one in, Phoebe, our dog who seems a bit lazy until she starts sniffing food. The sunflower is probably my favorite, it looks tired, but not willing to give up, love that attitude.


  1. Claire thanks for sharing these photos – I particularly like how you capture the beauty of nature, of living, and your statement about the sunflower. Great shot of Phoebe – heck they are all great shots.


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