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tonight I am attending my writing group for the first time in a month and I feel I should show up with something.  I keep putting off writing what I really want to write about.  Kind of like what gets between you and everything else you want to do.

The best I can think of is the scene last Wednesday night.  I skipped Writing Group to meet up with a friend from grad school as she had invited me to join her for what use to be called a hen party.  Basically a bunch of women getting together to chat and eat.  I knew only my friend but the other 4 women were easy to be around and I found we were sharing some laughs over life in general.  Toward the end of the evening, I was noting the host’s lovely kitten and cats…they were so clean and well-groomed they looked like part of the home decor.  It is at that point that I mentioned that my husband was building 2 new pigeon aviaries for his flyers.

“Flyers,” they looked quizzically.  “Don’t all pigeons fly?”

I then started to explain the whole pigeon thing.  The fancy names and breeds and show pigeons that my husband has been raising for years.  With each story, they started giggling louder and louder.  Seems they had not ventured into this pigeon world before.  One gal completely lost it when I told her about the beautiful brown and white satinettes and how the woman at the fair asked me to take good care of them.  Show pigeons I explained, this gal was laughing so hard:  “Do you put crowns on them? It sounds they are a rock band.”  Another lady asked about the flyers and I had to explain that there were the Budapesh flyers and the Bell Neck rollers and “don’t you know,” I added:  “the Bell Necks might not be in the best shape so that is why the third aviary was built.”  By this time all of us were laughing. 

They were laughing because I think in their mind they saw the ubiquitous street pigeon.  I was laughing because I realized that I had been indoctrinated into the pigeon cult.  I was actually the expert in the room and I sounded just like a pigeon person.  Those folks who hang out at the fair and on rural farms, raising their pigeons. 

So that is it, a little vignette about life in the country on an October night.  I’ve got to go, the group is starting soon.

pigeon home flyers
one of the pigeon homes made this fall

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