out here in Dryden

it is so hot, the flowers in the above photos have laid down to rest.  I had a little relief tonight when I dipped my feet into the pond and watched the quaking aspen leaves gently blow in the breeze  that was circulating about 20 feet up.  My ears kept buzzing and finally I said to my husband, it is the  sound you feel after a rock concert or a really big party.  Then, I diagnosed it, the fans I have sat in front of all day caused this noise in my ears.

The best part of the night was when I poured us each a beer and we sat outside watching the fire flies. Do you know, he said, these are not one species.  “Yep, you told me that before.”

And that in Asia, the fire flies are so bright that when you look out at the ocean, you see huge ripples of light.  “No, I did not know that.”


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