The Gift of Today…

This has been a difficult month, not bad, not good; but full of both and on an intense level.






It isn’t just that my cat Tazz passed away on Wednesday but that I held him 2 nights in a row before that for a long, sweet goodbye as we slept and listened to the summer night sounds.  It isn’t just that we moved my aunt out of her space after 87 years, but that she broke her hip soon after that.  The good stuff, it isn’t just that our gardens, thanks to my husband, are absolutely gorgeous this year, but that  intense heat and intense watering make them so…everything bloomin’ at once.  It isn’t that I turned down a job before I was even offered it, but that I weighed heavily what do I want the next 5 years of my life to look like and what am I doing about it.

Feeling, I hope not naively, that things are, in their own 21st century way, calming down, I woke up in the middle of the night and thought of this story.  Years ago I went to church every week and at that time I heard Father David Gramkey give wonderful sermons.  The kind that you feel right through your body to your spirit.

We were at St. Peter and Paul’s Church, my friend and I, in Elmira, NY.  In his loud, gentle voice, this man who stood about 6 feet, spoke to all of us.  Most of the congregation over 60, I was in my late 20s/early 30s.  It went something like this:

“As I thought this week, about all the people I see suffering with so many problems:  illness, separations, divorce, death, money, etc., I thought about how lucky we are.  It is not that those problems are not real and sometimes such a struggle emotionally and physically or that they do not count, they do. ”

he continued…

“But, what is wondrous is that we have the gift of today to be alive and coping with those problems and hopefully finding some joy and love through it all.  I ask you, when you are down, to think of those who have passed and how much they may have enjoyed THE GIFT OF TODAY.  Enjoy your gift.”

and remember what beauty may lie behind the next turn.



Sulfur Water

Pictured with this post is a delicious glass of water that came up from about a hundred feet below our home. It contains sulfur* so people have scrunched their nose up and remarked on the rotten egg smell that occassionally wafts around the air. Today it tastes wonderful to me and all the plants my husband is trying to keep from melting. I have also indulged in 3 ice cold showers to keep my sanity as I try to accomplish things in this heat.

*sulfur springs use to be what people back in the day use to seek out as “The Cure”. I do not have the hard data but it is out there if your interested.

out here in Dryden

it is so hot, the flowers in the above photos have laid down to rest.  I had a little relief tonight when I dipped my feet into the pond and watched the quaking aspen leaves gently blow in the breeze  that was circulating about 20 feet up.  My ears kept buzzing and finally I said to my husband, it is the  sound you feel after a rock concert or a really big party.  Then, I diagnosed it, the fans I have sat in front of all day caused this noise in my ears.

The best part of the night was when I poured us each a beer and we sat outside watching the fire flies. Do you know, he said, these are not one species.  “Yep, you told me that before.”

And that in Asia, the fire flies are so bright that when you look out at the ocean, you see huge ripples of light.  “No, I did not know that.”

Please don’t eat the daisies

Please don’t eat the daisies.