June 17: top ten list for 50.

Roses: 50 for 50, thanks Rose; Sam; Joe; Bill

June 17 1961 to 2011: 50 years of knowledge, top ten list

1. People spend hours over a lifetime wrapping up their tuna sandwich for lunch and unwrapping their tuna sandwich at lunch.

2. a video replay of your little puppy taking a dump just isn’t funny to everyone no matter how new the technology

3. if you say you are going to bring the potatoes to Thanksgiving dinner, the hostess will assume they’ve been cooked

4. there is no scientific evidence, but if a person is wearing wool gloves in July, holding a small briefcase, and telling the bus driver about her career as a bounty hunter, it probably isn’t true

5. it might look like one in the beginning, but a hollyhock is not a weed, so don’t pull it.

6. some divorced women do have two boyfriends at once, just ask the little old lady down the block

7. if you work for an astrophysicist, don’t try to summarize his theories at an Ivy League cocktail party

8. somebody has to take control: it is either you or the dog

9. if the wedding cake photographer ways “it’s only your wedding day,” give him the finger

10. just when you least expect, you will get roses & just when you expect it, you won’t.