Royal Wedding

I captured this photo from the TV. I like it for three reasons. It is surreal…just like the fact that 2 billion plus people can watch a wedding in brilliant color and definition. Second, it is lovely, the green trees, lacey dress, and William’s bright red uniform sent me a message of hope for the future. We hear many negative stories involving destruction and huge human, environmental, and financial cost, that a beautiful creative story is welcome. And finally, the mystical element of the photograph. In a church that has witnessed many stories that have impacted the larger human story, William and Kate appear to be both passing through and carrying the story’s trail to a new, possibily better place.


    1. thanks Rima, I took it on the TV and in the blink of an eye that we do not see, the camera picked this up, at least that is what I think happened:-)


  1. Lovely — Hopefull — it is the first visual I have seen of the wedding! What a welcome sight, especially with your thoughts expressed in the last sentence!


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