Bring on the next disaster, hogggggggs

the Hedgehog, from outdoor magazine site

and as you can see it does not look pretty.  They could be coming to the back 40 near you ( your back yard)  if you are in upstate NY, anytime now.  It is interesting how many forces work against us to keep what we have:  the deer who suffered a hard winter and nestled with their little family near our house, devoured many of the beautiful evergreens my husband planted.  The roses which did beautifully last year were girdled by the voles but they may come back.  These are just the critters in the neighborhood, many other factors can make your head spin if you let there, there is the increasing property tax rate; the cold temperatures that may knock buds off the plants; and the water that seeps into our basement when we get storm water rains.  Each little thing adds up to a lot of money and time to keep up what exists.  To cope, I think you have to hold on loosely, very loosely, thinking of it as a maṇḍala painting in the sand that one day, year, or several decades emerges and disappears.  Why?  so that your possessions under your stewardship do not possess you.

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  1. Love this. It captures so much of what I feel, so clearly and so concise! An on-going challenge to care but not to care too much.


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