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Good enough

I came across this blog in Artful Blogging and wanted to share it.  Maybe because we have resources to “be all that we can be” and because, sadly, the US seems to equate success with physical ownership or occupational status (and spreading that globally),  I believe a theme among many, especially women, is striving for perfection.

My favorite example  is a commercial.  There she is, our heroine, resembling no one I know, snug between some grapefruit bins and lettuce bins in the grocery story, looking fabulous.  Not a  hair out-of-place, perfect, she has stilettos on, a brief case over her shoulder and a wiggly baby in her arms… I can not remember what she is advertising.  Tiring, the perfect set up in front of us 24/7…bombarded with images we can not compete with, no wonder we are always on a quest for perfection.

And that is why I like this website, it is all about being enough, now, right here.

Even if my hair is tied back and frizzy, I ate the big pastry with the jam in the middle, I spent $12 on copies at Kinko’s because I couldn’t get my work done in time for the cheaper plan, and I didn’t play Frisbee with Phoebe, our dog, yesterday.  Hey I made it to work, I didn’t intentionally try to hurt anyone’s feelings, I showered, and I tried really hard not to step on any of the worms crawling around on the walks in the rain.  Good enough.  Good enough for today.

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