It remains a mystery…

It remains a mystery…

I am not really sure when it happened, it is still a mystery.  I closed and locked the office door, took a gulp of my soda, put it in my bag and proceeded to my car.  Same old routine, just another day.   I walked past a colleague and nothing seemed out of the ordinary.  My coat was still red and I was feeling like I wished I was wearing my black pea coat.

Nothing unusual seemed to happen in the elevator or on the walk past the customer service center, out the door, and past the pedestrians waiting for the bus.  I did not receive any funny looks and nothing felt any different.  I was thinking more about the red coat and how I just do not like it…it makes me feel like I put on bubble wrap.  I was sure that if it was not for the bubbles, I could almost past muster for an In Style check. 

I walked a couple of rows in the parking lot and still no clues.  The sun was shining, my car was clear of snow.  I looked forward to getting into the warm, sun-baked front seat on this cold winter day. 

 I unlocked the door and that is when I saw it.  The dribbles…brown dribbles, down my coat, streaming out of control.  ‘Oh my god, it is my soda and its leaking out of my black bag.’ I thought about the 12 ounces in my bag with all the work materials I had shoved in there and OMG (oh my God), my iPhone and $80 book.

I looked in the bag, sure enough, the stupid soda bottle turned upside down and the cap, loosened from my last gulp, was not able to hold back gravity.  Worse yet, on its way out of my black carry tote, the brown sugary soda pooled in the bottom, giving everything a good soak as it dripped out.

 Just so my friends can rest easy, the iPhone was safe.  I immediately fished it out of a bag inside the bag.  Everything else, however, needed a lot of remediation…drying in front of the wood stove and wiping down the sugar coating various parts of my car and person.

But the mystery remains…at what point did everything go bad…I thought I had sealed the bottle, even if I had not, why did it tip upside down, or had I been multi-tasking and placed it upside down?  and when and why did it take me so long to figure it out; that while I sat on the elevator, walked through the building and to my car, a disaster of my own making brewed silently along side me. 

 The tipping point…we must stay alert to prevent it, be vigilant to watch for it, and hope that we can mitigate its impact once it is in full tilt.  My electronic data was saved but damage wrought to a few things, which took time to fix, and cannot be completely repaired.


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