Artfulblogging…pass the cranyons please.

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One day I stumbled upon a magazine called Artfulblooging, see it at Rather expensive, $14 dollars, I purchased it because a glance at the colors and images inside inspired me. I have read and reread this magazine but it is only recently that I considered applying it to my blog.

The world these days can be a downer, especially in the Northeast during a very gray winter, catastrophes stream across the bottom of the 5 PM CNN report with Wolf Blitzer and my email headlines read: “See who is likely to spoil the White House state dinner.” So much out there that I can do little to impact. So the pretty blogs depicted in Artfulblogging are an escape from one part of the world into another, a beautiful world. I can actually do something in the world of art.

A few weeks ago I decide dto go to the store and buy some of art supplies. I did not spend much and it has been fun to make a few Valentine’s Day cards and design a few creatures and pictures on little pieces of paper. It a relief for the mind. A little line there, a little color here, and a bit of shading there…before you know it something cheerful.

It is hard to pick up the crayons when you really do not have some grand and glorious purpose in mind and have never considered yourself very artistic. My husband recommends, just doing it for you. I thinks he is right and besides I believe there are all kinds of talents in all of us and that the story line should simply be…I feel like doing something relaxing, pass the crayons and have some fun.


winterlight from the Lansing Community Library, Jan 2011


Today show hosts announce: June 17, 2011 will be the best day of the year.

Today, as they thumbed through a  magazine like The National Enquirer,  Kathy Lee and Hoda, the NBC talk show hosts,  declared that according to  what they were reading,  January 17 will be the worst day of the year and June 17 will  be the best  day of the year, that is the day I turn 5000000000000000.

I just finished Nora Ephron’s book entitled I Remember Nothing and Other Reflections and this is what my parody of her sounds like about the age of Fifty.  Fifty, I’m not suppose to turn 50, 50 is for old people.  Fifty is for my Mother and all the people wearing Alfred Dunner and elastic waist band pants.   Fifty is for people with severe chicken neck and a lot of grey hairs.  Fifty is for church suppers and the Friday night fish fry.  Hey wasn’t it just yesterday that I was 28 and my younger sister taunted me with the words:  “YOU WILL BE THIRTY, THIRTY.”   Nope, fifty is not for me. 

Molly  isn’t  turning 50, a few years younger, she fought a horrible cancer and died in her mid 20s.  Jim, my brother’s  friend and a gentle, fun, outgoing soul, he isn’t turning 50.  Somewhere in his 30s the lottery of life gave him a seizure  condition which caused an early death.  I thought of   these two as I drove to the dentist today.  It’s cold out, my lungs hurt from a recent bronchitis and I’m sure both, with their  enormous zest for life, would wish to be here and have a little lung pain and the gift of being 49.

Nora Ephron also points out in her book that she did not really get it until she was fifty.  “In fact looking back I was clueless until I was about fifty years old.”  The most ironic thing about aging is that as we get  it  more and more with each year, our bodies and minds let go of it.  It would make more sense if we got it when we were young and full of the energy needed to do something with it.    But then again, maybe we tried that and through time, realized certain truths that would have stymied us in our youth.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~here is a poem I wrote on New Year’s Eve, sad things happen but good things do to