140 word stories: a day in the life

Turkey vultures ride on the thermals overhead looking for food while I drive below on this sunny day.   They circle the farm fields and I drive by Dunkin Donuts, the antique shop, and into the drive…exhausted, I wait for the Mack trucks to pass and then I walk over the street to retrieve the mail.  I look down to see a beautiful light purple aster with petals spread as the crimson, orange, and mustard yellow colors of withering fall plants surround  it.  I open the mailbox, a bill.  I walk in the house, collapse on the coach, and wake up to my friend’s email announcing a link to cakewrecks.  I click to this blog; decorated cakes gone bad. I guess just professional cakes, my sponge cake that ended up served in a punch bowl in May would not make it.



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