Beaver Dam Gallery

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a nice hot summer with lots of vegetables and flowers and fruits to pick

little rain, except for today, which was cool, misty, and actually soaking into the ground as I walked with my dog through the wet marshland and felt the coldness through my sneakers

the beaver pond, 3 acres, constructed over several years, beginning in 2006, wiped out some time between the last photo and sighting of a beaver patrolling, July 22 and last Sun, Aug 8, when we noticed its disappearance

the beaver’s commented on the devastation at

for us, it seemed bitter-sweet, new life will take over and the beavers have cleared a field in the middle of a growing forest, but all the birds, etc. seem to have migrated elsewhere, except for a great blue heron which was scouring up some fish in a little pool when we went down today to check it out