What does Maine have that we don’t?

just looking at what $1.1 million buys in New York & Maine.

 •$1.1 million dollars:  the amount Time Warner paid to expand in Maine... 50 miles of fiber-optic and coaxial cable with the potential to serve nearly 12oo customers.**see source

•$53,927.00: the amount Time Warner quoted us last spring to expand service .6 miles to our home with the potential to serve over 11 households.

• $89,878.33:  the amount Time Warner would charge per mile to connect our section of Dryden.

• $1.1 million dollars: the amount Time Warner would need (based on the quote we received) to cable a little over 12 miles in my area of the globe.




Claire Perez

Broadband Post 4

Oh me oh my

How to summarize, imagine a big sigh

A very nice man from Clarity Connect walked up to the top of our highest roof

He held a saucer & tried to connect to his satellite, hope, nope, just poof

No word from the survey man in Syracuse for Time Warner Cable

3 to 5 business days…tomorrow I will call him if I am able

Sunday I went door to door  and after house three

Found out  broadband closer than .75 miles to me

We then went in the opposite direction of our house

A nice woman said “they even did a survey and we have tried for years”

Look here, and she showed me some gadget no bigger than a mouse

Go to Best Buy, buy this Verizon 3G
and you will forget your download fears.

I called Best Buy and they said, sure try it for 14 days at your place

Ah, but remember, broadband/DSL is not what it is destined to replace.

So I went back to my house to stew

But I had to come to the library tonight to write you!


The broadband internet journey begins…

The broadband internet journey begins…

 Well actually, it began in 1997 when I moved  here to what we call the outer limits.   That year, when I moved out here to the “country,” 10 miles from Cornell University,* ( “one of the greatest universities in the world,” my Dad’s friend use to say) I noticed that within 3 miles of our house, the weather changed.  I’d be driving along and suddenly, as soon as I hit our happy state route/Cargill straightaway, the rain, snow, ice, or wind intensified.  We never have the same weather as they do 3 miles down the road…that was a sign but I did not see it…

There are many twists and turns to this journey and I write them in one blog.  I have to walk the dog and myself, so as time moves forward, I may write little snippets of the back-story as they weave in and out of the plot.  I have written this story in my head and, if all goes well, the end will be Claire and Radames get broadband.

So, a beginning date, 1997, a scene, and a goal.  The complication: we do not have broadband internet service and we want it. 

I have finished teaching Communications at a local college and I have some time to focus on this issue. 

Here is what I am setting out to explore today:  what is the distance to the nearest Time Warner broadband hookup to our East and to our West. 

*PS  I started  trying to find the exact mileage to Cornell at 9:26am, it is 9:46am, and I am currently sharing the service with one other person.  I have not been able to reach Goggle maps in all this time.  It is now 9:47, so I am going to say we live about 10 miles from Cornell University, as I can not access the exact mileage.

 One other note, this morning while watching our Dish TV, I noted that Time Warner advertised broadband  for 29.99 per month.