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June 11, 2013…Cattails, Commas and Blogs, this is all…

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It is June already and the gardens look  great under the soggy sky.  I particularly noticed that our little cattail stand at one end of the pond has morphed into a sea.

I am reading a book entitled Eats, Shoots and Leaves about grammar.  And I can not get the image of a comma out of my head.

A comma separates ideas in a sentence and on either side of it lies a world that could live without the idea it guards.                                

Is that what life is, the phrase between streams of history on either side?  Is an individual life a series of events: chronicled, not chronicled, on Facebook, in family photos, on blogs, emails and randomly tapped phone conversations.  Slices of moments of life leading to one big splice in the middle of all the rest.  A phrase, short or long, but simply a phrase.                                          

I looked on WordPress to see who, among my contacts, might have blogs.  I discovered, many sites  and one with only a post.  One post! One very good post!  

What happened to this voice, why silent now? I wonder.  Is it too scary to keep the blog going or was the person thinking like we all do: what is the point? There are 7 billion people on the planet, why bother, does it matter, who cares?  Who will read this?  Is it any good?  Who am I to write? or to create?




                     “Well, my Jove,” I can here some ancient old British geezer saying,    “I believe we are all entitled to live fully our little phrase smushed in a sentence!  My George,” or Claire in this case, ” to stop the creative process because of human doubt, when our hands gravitate toward the keys, would blunt the effect a simple phrase may have on the full sentence, paragraph, and story!  Write, write, write, smash those demons!”


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  1. It sounds like an interesting book. I’ll have to check it out. A third cousin of mine found a high school picture of my aunt and uncle in an antique store and bought it, so these bits and pieces of people do travel about. My oldest niece worries that my blog won’t get me anywhere, but who knows?

    Comment by Kathryn Mapes ithacalansing tales past and present | June 12, 2013

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