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Living with less…my comments on modern day feudalism

This week we had a power surge in the neighborhood. We have lost some pricey electronics. The week has been spent figuring out how to get compensation for those electronics. It takes a lot of time and patience which I am in short supply of right now after a winter that began in October with Hurricane Sandy, and is holding on with the grey claws of cloud cover.

The other thing that happened this week: both our vehicles needed repair work. When I paid my $1300 for parts and labor last Saturday, I thought about how many hours I work as an adjunct professor to pay that bill. Cha Ching, Cha Ching…3 weeks at 40 hours a week plus 10…
130 hours. (I teach 2 classes.). What is important about that, to me, is the disparity between what I make and what the repair industry of my Ford 2004 Taurus makes. It is a micro example of how out of balance the economy is right now…the things we need to survive cost a lot more than the average person makes. It reminds me of my 6th grade feudalism studies where we made paper huts to place on the edges of the feudal manor.

In the midst, I found this article and I am thinking about what I can control to make my life simpler. Each item we own requires energy and money, not just in its purchase, but in its maintenance too. I am focusing on balance and gratitude. I agree with the author below and I know I need to change my energy allocation.

The article is entitled: Living With A lot Less


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  1. Claire, you’re on a roll!! I’ve been thoroughly enjoying your articles all week!!! I had to go google Nora Ephron (other than the name sounding familiar; forgive me for not having a clue who she was) and think I’m gonna buy one of her books. And now, this post! This is exactly how I’ve been feeling and read an article in a local paper on Sunday that speaks to the same thing! What you are saying couldn’t be ‘truer’ and now I am about to read your link!

    Comment by sweetofstyle | March 14, 2013

    • Thanks sweets of style…I often worry I’m to out there. Nora Ephron is famous for films too: when Harry Met Sally, Julia and Julie, etc….will you be sharing doggie stories?

      Comment by claireaperez | March 14, 2013

      • I should huh?! with all his issues, he makes me soo very happy!

        Comment by sweetofstyle | March 17, 2013

  2. I’m glad I’ve been keeping up, since you’re not reading your posts at writers’ group. Sorry about the electronic destruction. Home insurance doesn’t cover it? I read the article about living with less. I thought it was interesting, but I find I like a happy medium. The one thing I have that I don’t regret having is a lot of books. When I’m buried, I want to be like Jacqueline Kennedy, and have my family pile books around my bed. One of my friends went through a flood early on in her marriage and lost all of her wedding pictures. That would be a tough experience. One thing I did waste a lot of when living alone in Minnesota was food. Somehow I could never plan meals correctly.

    Comment by Kathryn Mapes ithacalansing tales past and present | March 14, 2013

    • Kathy…the food thing is a big problem for everyone. I am not reading these because most of the time there done but I will probably pick one for Spring Rites to go over with the group:-)

      Comment by claireaperez | March 14, 2013

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