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The way it is

I wish it was summer or the sun would shine, but it is winter in upstate NY.

I wish I had started writing 25 years ago, I wasn’t ready.

I wish there was no such thing as cancer, it is the dark shadow looming ever larger as we age.

I wish all root vegetables were as organic as environmentally possible.

I wish half the people I have known and loved we’re still on the planet and others lived near me.

I wish people smiled & laughed more and sent songs like a friend sent me, because its a wonderful world, Joey Ramone version:

I wish that mice wouldn’t find their way into old country houses, but they do, they don’t know their not suppose to be here.

I wish we, myself included, were not so sarcastic, it cuts into beauty.

I wish to embrace today: the coffee my husband has waiting for me, calls & connections with people, the large work to do list, the cold beauty outside, a kiss from each of my 75 pound puppies, and maybe making a few pretty Valentine’s day cards.


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  1. Lovely piece of writing, Claire from Julia. PS Vasante is in my writing group at Lifelong. I love her.

    Comment by Julia E. Macdonald | February 9, 2013

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